Free (as in beer) programs


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CHIC (Correspondence & HIerarchical Cluster) Analysis: standalone software designed for practitioners in the field of Correspondence Analysis and Related Methods;

MYSTAT: the Free SYSTAT Statistical Analysis Product for Student Use;

Agna: freeware application designed for social network analysis, sociometry and sequential analysis;

NetDraw: program for drawing networks;

Mendeley: easily organize your papers, read & annotate your PDFs, collaborate in private or open groups, and securely access your research from everywhere;

iSkysoft: iSkysoft Free Video Downloader for Mac lets Mac users quickly and easily download videos from YouTube;

Stellarium: free open source planetarium for your computer. It shows a realistic sky in 3D, just like what you see with the naked eye, binoculars or a telescope;
Web of Trust can save your computer before visiting the malicious sites.

I use Turn off LCD pretty much in my laptop.

I used to use PC Tools Firewall Plus Free Edition before installing Avira and Web of Trust.

AntiMalware is a very good free antimalware program. In combination with Avira, it is so useful to me.

Like the vista of a mac, while needing to use Windows? Try Flyakite OSX and its siblings. Warning: it replaces a Windows library, and thus can make installing few of future programs problematic. I experienced it with GimpShop installing. But the great look pays off IMHO.

The fastest and best and the most functional and the most intuitive download manager: Free Download Manager. I don't remember, but think it is open-source too.

Tired of residual files after unistalling some programs? There are some applications to get rid of this issue, but Absolute Unistaller is one of the best ones.

Advanced System Care is one of the most handy and functional utility programs, but I personally prefer the great simplicity and performance of its older version, Advanced Windows Care 2.

Smart Defrag is much faster and MUCH more efficient than Microsoft poor built-in defrag utility. Also has interesting features, for example realtime defrag or defragging the content of a single folder and its subfolders.


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For all you LaTex people who have to work with word people. Here's a decent, free online conversion of PDF to Word...
I have used the above link for converting pdf to doc. It is best I could find for pdf to doc

But for tex to doc I do differently. I convert tex to html (latex2html or tex4ht in linux, htlatex probably in windows) then open html in word. then convert into doc. It may not be perfect if the the document includes images.


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It seems there are couple of programs to convert tex to html. Latex2html

It is very easy in Linux. Kile already got the option of latex2html or just run tex4ht or mh4ht. This creates the html file and the folder for the images and other details. Open the html in WORD and save as docx file.

Now in Windows. Miktex got both tex4ht(Inside MiktexX.Y) and htlatex (htlatex.exe is placed inside the MiktexX.Y/miktex/bin). To convert tex to html just run the following
"C:\the\full path\to\htlatex.exe" myfile.tex
(I haven't tried this). This link may help using tex4ht. There are couple of tex.stackexchange threads also discuss the fine tuning or possible settings issues.

Once it converted to html, you can use the WORD for html to docx.


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OMFG I wish I had that last semester. It would have made my stupid survey assignment so much easier and better if I could have put it up on a website and simply direct people to it! Selection bias be damned, it would have been better than my convenience sampling lol

In fact, I might use my old survey (if I can find it--i.e., if I haven't deleted it) and use that as a test run.
Yeah I used it two years ago for a small survey and it was very handy. The only drawback was that (at least at that time) it couldn't record the IP of the respondents. But it is awesome.


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I am not sure if anyone runs EFA here, but if you do one of the more complex issues is how many factors to retain. One of the methods that is strongly recommended is parallel analysis where you retain factors who's eigenvalue is higher than an eignevalue generated from purely random data (multiple runs are generated to simulate this). This allows you to download a tool to create the parallel data eigenvalues.