Free (as in beer) programs


Very easy connect between spread sheets and SVG.

RAW is a free tool that makes a number of graphics. Works easily with R too.

Here's the R function to quickly cut and paste data:

write.excel <- function(x,row.names=FALSE,col.names=TRUE,...) {
  write.table(x, "clipboard", sep="\t", row.names=row.names, col.names=col.names, ...)


Probably A Mammal
Nice. I'll have to check that out at home, but I need a commercial license at work, and the rating does put Tableau a little higher (and I've been impressed). Tableau is pretty well priced from my experience, but this thing does come with a lot more license variety.


Probably A Mammal
I prefer just crack, Trinker :p

Since I was totally blown away with it, I'll add WinPython here. I use Windows at work, and even on Linux, getting a Python package manager to work right (especially for Python3.x) or IPython with the QT Console and Notebook just isn't intuitive, straight-forward, or entirely functional! Yet, WinPython, at least for Windows, was such a breeze! It's about 10-20x larger in file size (pushing 300 MB if I recall correctly), but it's worth it.

It gives you
  1. IPython + QT Console + Notebook
  2. TortoiseHG (I guess it's like git?)
  3. QT Designer and a bunch of other things (Make custom Python GUIs in a Window builder! Nice!!)
  4. Spyder (and Spyder Lite) for IDE
  5. Python 3.2 64bit with all the major scientific Python modules (NumPy, Pandas, scilearn-kit, matplotlib, etc.)
  6. Portability! You don't need admin rights. It's entirely portable, which is good for me. Well, was. I can get adminity (TM) whenever I want now.
  7. WinPython Control Panel - That's right, it has its own CP for managing packages (just DL the tarballs/exe I guess?) and you can register your portable version so it's like a full install.

Then if you look in its directory tree, it has a bunch of other stuff. I'm pretty sure I saw SciTE in there (which I sometimes use for stuff). It's a great Windows package of just scientific coding awesometude. Get yours today!