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Stat 500

Stat 511

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I know this year they recorded the masters level theory courses but I can't find links to them (I wasn't in those courses so I didn't need access to them).

If you search around hard enough you could probably find other recorded lectures as well.
Pretty interesting Dason. Thanks for posting it. Do you happen to have any links to an advanced statistical theory course or a robust stats methods course?


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Nope. Like I said I know there are other courses that get recorded but I don't have links to them. They only really want those people that were in the course to view them but some of the pages aren't password protected (like the ones I posted). I haven't searched hard enough to find any other ones that were recorded. I know the masters level theory courses this year were recorded but I couldn't find links to one of them and the other one was password protected.
Video lectures are OK, but I still do not understand why so many people prefer video lectures to well-written textbooks. After all, a video lecture will never be able to compete with the accuracy and detail of a textbook. Furthermore, after you familiarize yourself with a textbook, it's much quicker to go back to it and revise things you have forgotten. Anyway, Sal Khan is doing a really great job with Khan Academy and hopefully they will soon start to broadcast lectures at a more advanced level.
To complete my post, let me share a couple of links to free text-based lectures on probability and statistics:
If you have iTunes (freeware) you also have access to a lot of online courses by universities iTunes U, for example Multivariable Calculus (MIT), Differential Equations (MIT), the Fourier transform and its applications (Stanford)...

MIT and Berkeley also offer them at their own website, but the iTunes library I find easy to access.