Freelance work

We're a start-up here in Boston and we're looking to hire some freelance statisticians to help us build out capabilities in our analytics/intelligence platform.

First off, my apologies if listing job opportunities here is inappropriate --> I took a look through the forum guidelines and didn't see anything mentioned. Furthermore, the subtitle to this particular forum mentions job postings, so I figured it would be alright.

Back to the matters at hand:

I'm working with a team to build statistical and data mining capabilities into our internal intelligence department. My background is economics so I have an above average understanding of statistics, however it's a long, slow process for me to understand and then code the functions I need.

I'm currently using RapidMiner and R, and would prefer to stay on those two platforms.

Ad-hoc work would include writing functions to automate regression/PCA analysis of data sets, algorithms for clustering analysis, text/data mining, etc.

This is a flexible opportunity - start with some freelance/project based work and perhaps it could expand into an ongoing or even full time relationship if there's mutual interest.

You do not need to be local to Boston, or even the United States. English skills are a must. Prior experience with a statistical programming language(s) is the only prerequisite. Pay/extent of projects will be determined by your skill set and how things develop.

Freelance work could be arranged over oDesk or a similar service for both of our peace of mind.

Please send a PM if interested and we can discuss details!