frequency of multiple values

I would like to see frequencies and percentages of the respondents scoring at least once a value of 1 on three variables.

More specifically I have 3 questions on whether they have been victim of a certain type of crime. I want to see what percentage has been a victim of any crime.

I tried 'select cases', and I can check how many cases were selected. I can also count if Q1 = 1| Q2 = 1 | Q3 = 1. But that does not give me a nice output table either.

I'm actually looking for a way to do it without recoding or other side steps.
Yes that could work, as the value for 'not a victim' is '2' and 0 is not a value.

I am messing around with this now:

COMPUTE victim = 1
IF ( v1303 eq 1) or (v1855 = 1) or (v1717=1).
ELSE victim = 0.

But that's not working yet.