From column to bar

Hi everyone,

i need your help as I have a problem I cannot manage to sort out.

I used the command: graph bar ***, stack over (var) over (var) percentage

and i got a very nice table. the problem is when I put it into a word document it's a bit of a pain for the page number.
So basically i am trying to change the orientation of the table from vertical to horizontal.
Basically, stata gave me columns but i want bar, as in excel!
I have already tried to play with the graph editor but I was not able to sort this out.

Any help?

Thanks a lot!

....thanks a lot!!!!
The information on the graph is a bit too dense though. Any idea of how I can "enlarge" the table so that it will be easy to read for the reader? I have tried some commands on the text editor but they do not seem to work too much...




It would help to see an example of what's troubling you. You can make the size whatever you like just by dragging the corners around (either in Stata or in Word - both should resize without losing image quality)