From EFA/CPF to advice

For my graduation thesis I am doing research into Innovation. I have used a questionnaire (5 point Likert scale) to collect data from about 60 companies on the determinants of their innovation practices.

I have analyzed this data using Explanatory and Confirmatory Factor Analysis to come to a number of overarching factors that determine how a company performs on innovation.

However, now I want to translate this into a clear advice for companies on where they need to improve. So far, all I can do is say: 'this is where your score (which is part of Factor A) is different from the average, what do you think about this?'

Do you have any ideas on how to create a more concrete advice? Preferably based on statistics of course. One thing that was mentioned by a colleague of mine was that it would be very interesting to know 'how much to improve variable X to improve Factor A enough' (I thought of linear regression, but though this inappropriate because the factors/variables are interdependent)