[G*Power 3] - Can't figure out how to to set parameters for correlation test

Hello, everyone :)

Need your help on how to set parameters in G*power...

I am doing two very simple tests:
one on pearson correlation between midterm scores and quiz
another one on partial correlation between the same scores with motivation score as controlling variable.

I need to run a power analysis in G*power 3
but I don't know what parameters to set there
For Pearson Correlation I set:
Post Hoc
Correlations: Difference from constant (one sample case)
Total sample size = 104
and with my Rsquare (0,569), i got the effect size of 0.7543209
and the Power (1-β err prob) = 1.000000

I think this can't be true :shakehead

what have I done wrong?...

and I can't chose the corect setting for partial correlation, as I have only one group, and f-test ANOVE special does not accept it :(

Great great THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!! :wave: