GEE SPSS Wide vs. long format

Hi everyone,
I posted yesterday but I think I've figured out the problem.
I am trying to assess the effect of tourism on captive animals. I have 3 within-subjects categorical IVs and 1 continuous DV. I want to use a GEE in SPSS but because many of the cases share the same values (but for different events), it won't let me include the IVs as within-subjects.

E.g. currently data are formatted:
Name IV1 IV2 IV3 DV
But many instances could be Name A, IV1 A, IV2 A, IV 3 A. Therefore SPSS views them as duplicates and won't run. Would the solution be to reformat to a wide structure? There are 5 categories per IV so I'm looking at a 15 wide row just for IVs. Does that sound right? Many thanks in advance!