Geometrci random walk


I need help! l

I need simulate process - geometric random walk for modeling the behavior of the price of a stock over time. state space is 1,02^j with j from -100 to 100. initial price is p(0) = 1. if p(t) = 1,02^100 then p(t+1) = 1,02^99. if p(t) = 1,02^-100, then p(t+1) = 1,02^-99 with probability 0,99, and the price remains unchanged with probability 0,01- our question is: how do we write a code to simulate the process?

If somebody have some idea I will be really happy!


TS Contributor
You have described the algorithm in details. The remaining issue is how to implement this algorithm/psuedo code to different programming languages.