Geostatistcs: Book Rec?


Probably A Mammal
I picked up GIS last semester and have been getting some good training in ArcGIS 10. Now I have a chance to put it to use at work and maybe even get published if things go well. The problem is, I'm still really a total n00b when it comes to geostatistics and spatial analysis. The stuff is really interesting and I would like to get a lot better at it. Therefore, I need to study some theory and am looking to see if anyone is familiar with something they can recommend. In particular, I'm interested in learning more about the vast ways to approach Kringing stochastic interpolation. It's like a regression analysis in that there is so many ways to approach its modeling, but I am really unfamiliar with the theory behind how to approach it, compared to some of the standard ways we all learn how to approach regression analysis. If anyone knows a good book on learning Kringing, I'm all ears!