Getting pdf of X given the moments


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Well I asked because there isn't really an answer. There are lots of distributions that satisfy your requirements. If it was homework then I would ask if there were details that were left out or if there were only a few distributions you knew.

But if this isn't homework then I'm going to ask why you want to do what you're doing.
This is a question (as it is and no other information) in an entrance test. Could you provide the direction how to solve it? Of course, there wont be a single distribution with this info. So, I guess the answer desired would be in form of set(s) of distributions.
If no help on the query, can any kind soul guide me to may be another forum where people may rather choose to help on the problem at hand rather than just raise few irrelevant queries and sit silent thereafter. I would love a forum that would be more participative on the topics. Expected it to be one.