GLM book title

Sorry if this is the wrong forum for this, but I've been trying to track down a statistics book that I found several years back. I really loved it, I found an electronic version of the book with a web search. It began with describing ANOVA analysis, and focused on a single dataset. I think the dataset was test results between male/female splits of numerical grades. It did a very good job explaining how ANOVA worked, without a lot of very complicated mathematical equations. At the end of the chapters were a bunch of exercises that had you do all the different aspects, for example doing things like calculating averages/standard deviations etc. of the different groups. I found it very intuitive, and have been trying to track it down for a student, but somehow I seem to have lost it. Does this ring bells to anyone?? Thanks in advance!


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Did it have a table of contents and page numbers? I think I remember it as well. Just kidding. Can you provide more details, like was it a direct stats book or have a title like, intro to stats for social sciences. Since you said it had a grade-based example, was it for field of education, or have any other focus. Do you remember if you just randomly found it on the web or via a library and do you recall the publisher, CRC Press, Springer, Oxford, etc. The issue is that there are so many book that fit your description.
I know, I'm sorry, it's really a fishing expedition. I don't remember publisher/author etc. It was very much just found randomly online. At the time I was looking to get a better understanding of ANOVA, and it was quite helpful. The one thing I remember specifically is that there were practical examples, actual lists of numbers that you could do the calculations "by hand". After having spent several days trying to track it down, it was very reminiscent of ANOVA and ANCOVA : A GLM Approach by Andrew Rutherford. But that doesn't have the examples/questions at the end of the chapters. It's quite possible that this was produced from some fever dream of grad school, but I THOUGHT it was by multiple authors. A similar style is Statistics in Plain English By Timothy C. Urdan, but that doesn't begin with ANOVA, or have the same problems at the end of the chapters. I know this is very much like "You know that book, by that author, about that stuff? I love that book." I do think that it was about GLM over a specific field, but I don't know that for certain. Maybe the real question should be "Do you know a book with lots of practical examples, included datasets, and study questions to best learn ANOVA/GLM?"


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Some times intro to a statistical software books provide examples and data as well as the standard looking ANOVA output tables. Next week when I am back in my office I will report back on the book I used when I took linear reg.

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