Guideline to generate a table of Zero Leverage companies

Dear all,

I'm new to Stata and i'm trying to learn it.

I'm currently working on a research about zero leverage companies and i need to generate a table like the one attached. Since it is my first time i'm experiencing some difficulties.


Can anyone give me some guidelines on how to do this kind of table?

Thank you,
I restate:

I've generated the variables in the columns as dummy:
- ZL is 1 if (dlc+dltt=0) and 0 otherwise
- Z*** is 1 if (dltt=0) and 0 otherwise
- AZL is 1 if Book Leverage is <= 0.05 and 0 otherwise
- NPND is 1 if (dlc+dltt-che<=0)

My question is: what kind of table i have to create in order to obtain the frequency when the dummies are 1 per year? Like the one attached.

Thank you