Happy New Year Everyone!

My name is Richard, 48, married, 2 daughters, work for an asset manager in project portfolio management (or agile portfolio operations in terms of the latest management fad), grew up in Belgium, live in Holland and love beer and cigars.

My project is a cigar review method. Cigars have many different flavors which I have grouped into ten categories. A typical characteristic of cigars is that during smoking, the flavors evolve. This is due to the different tobacco leaves that are used. Suffice it to say that reviewing a cigar generates a time series of flavor observations in a maximum of ten categories, usually less.

I don’t have a lot of statistics knowledge or experience, other than that I know most people – including myself – get it wrong. But that’s a start, right?

My reason for registering with this forum is to get an answer to a specific question so I apologize in advance that I don’t have anything to contribute.