Happy turkey day


No cake for spunky
I won't be here through Monday. I wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday (of course many of you are not blessed to be Americans and thus it won't be a holiday anyway).:p

I was wondering if the snake was giving thanksgiving for TE.....:shakehead

Best wishes all.


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Haha, happy thanksgiving to you all!

I am not blessed with being an American, but have been to a Canadian thanksgiving already and going to an American one on Friday, so I'm still getting my fair share of pumpkin pie :)


No cake for spunky
I never realized Canadians had a thanksgiving day of their own? Or are they being thankful they are not Americans:p


No cake for spunky
Thanksgiving is a day Americans eat vast quanities of foods such as Turkey, ham, mash potatoes, corn, pumpkin pie, etc etc to prepare for the grueling task of watching four days of [American] football games...


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Hi All! Happy Turkey day!

I'm in the states and will be celebrating this heathen feast in Boston. Complete with a 5 mile turkey trot.
Rest of my time will be spent visiting micro-breweries - which I prefer to the American football games... cause rugby is the real version of that sport (back me up here bugman & cowboybear!) ;-)

Right now I'm stuck in Limbo (Miami Int.).