Having a huge problem to create my module in AMOS

My module contain 8 dependent variables , 11 independent variables , 211 sample size , around 60 measurment item for each indepdent variable contain 3 or more items

i want to draw this
i create intention to use variable with 4 items, after that i create behavioural factor variable (no items) i connect it to another variable trust which includes one variable integrity and it contain 3 items

Behavioural + trust is a latent variable

When i run the estimates i got the following error :

the observed variable , int3 is represented by an ellipse in the path diagram.
after that i change all the names of variables and try again i go this error
the following variable are endogenous but have no residal error variables , i add a unique variable for integrity, trust, behavoural the result is i got no error but there is no numbers either

what is the problem ?