Hello from Maine!

Hello everyone!

My name is Donald and I am a recent grad from an MPH program where I focused in statistics and epidemiology using SAS. I come from an undergrad in physics and biology and am excited to join the forums!

I currently work for a small non-profit organization as a research assistant whose primary job is doing statistics in SAS and SUDAAN as well as restructuring data using SQL, the only problem is there are not many people both laterally and horizontally who I can talk to or have as a mentor to advance my statistical training. I am hoping to have some great discussions here on the forums, I also frequent the SAS community forums as well!




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Thanks for the introduction Zaszlosek. I also predominantly use SAS and have an Epidemiology background, so maybe we can chat on mutual topics. Funny enough, I also do not have many peers in my work area (network of hospitals). I go to the SAS Community on occasion. It can be a better place for specific SAS questions. However here at TS, is a great place for statistics questions.


Less is more. Stay pure. Stay poor.
What do you use SUDAAN for? I have seen some code for it here and there, but I have never used it. Do you have to buy a license, is good for a type of analyses?