Hello TS... Howdy.... Help me ... Thanks in advance...

I am Achyut Sarma B, a final year student pursuing bachelors in Computer Sciences from Amrita University, Coimbatore, India. I am new to data sciences but am being fascinated by it and it's ways to solve real world business problems. Here are some problems that are really annoying me since the day I found them on the web:
  • How to Predict a variable value which is dependent on the past value, time and some other time dependent variables using intelligent agent systems?
  • How to recommend products to consumers based on the real time purchasing and transaction data sets effectively?

Please induce me into the world of TS with helping me answer these questions as an effective analyst. I meant to guide me with required analytics and fundamental concepts along with the programming required to achieve this herculean task of soving these two problems. I will be very grateful to you. Many thanks in advance.