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Hello and :welcome:

What stat courses are you taking? Do you have any favorite topics (nonparametrics perhaps)? We're glad to have you here and hopefully you stay around and we'll get to know you better.

So I'm currently enrolled in nonparametrics, stochastic processes, and an introductory R course.
I'm finding regression analysis and splines to be most useful and interesting thus far.

Thanks for the warm welcome :)
Yes, intro to R. Aside from MATLAB thats the only math related program I've used.

I'm eager to learn whichever is most applicable for a stats related job. Should I put more focus on R or SAS? I'm using R studio which so far I have been satisfied, but if SAS is a better use of my time I would rather start learning it now.


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Stick with R!!! R is so much better!

But with that being said it's not bad to get some SAS experience while you can. Especially if you plan on getting a job right after undergrad - SAS experience might help out there. But R is better and it's making its way into industry so who knows. But R definitely has the hearts of us academic types :)


Did someone say R? :)

You'll find many of us here are very R friendly. Anyway, welcome aboard nonparametric_princess. I hope to hear your questions and see your responses to others.


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With what Dason said, SAS is what you'll see most businesses looking for with regard to experience. That does not mean your R skills will go to waste, because you might get away with using them (as I do) or you can take the chance to learn SAS/IML, which is their take, more similar to Matlab (it treats all objects as a matrix--hence Interactive Matrix Language), on interactive scripting languages like R. Moreover, you can use R with your IML scripts. It can be run within its own SAS IML environment (studio) or from other SAS coding styles with some sort of PROC IML statement (when you use SAS, you'll know what I mean). It's something I'm going to try and take advantage of, and thought it could prove useful if you do learn SAS. You can get the best of both worlds, and I'm confident adding that you know SAS/IML above and beyond other SAS stuff will set you apart from the crowd!

Oh, and welcome.


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bugman said:
trinker, were you woken from slumber by the familiar tapping of the "R" key?
Didn't you know? typing the r key while holding shift attracts Velociraptors almost just as fast as stealing their eggs would.

Welcome aboard nonparametric_princess. I hope to hear your questions and see your responses to others.
Indeed welcome, and what a great user name choice!