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Hi all,

I am new to the forum, some formal statistic training from life science undergrad and grad school. Just started a job in the medical industry with lots of study design and data analysis on my plate. Feeling a bit lost...

Looking forward to learning from you and sharing my experience!



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My work deals mostly with internal quality control studies and design/analysis of clinical trials for the reproductive medical industry.



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Welcome, Tessa.

Glad to have you aboard.

In clinical trials and the medical world in general, the correct use of statistics is very important. If you have any problems I am sure that you will find help among our group of friendly and regular posters!

Bugman, what is up with the new avatar?


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Bugman, what is up with the new avatar?
Haha.. Which one the current one (The Schmo?) or the dinosaur egg? If its the later, it was a lame attempt to get on board with your raptor/egg stealing post afew days ago.

The Schmo is a character in the Captain caveman era and popped up when I googled around ridiculous avatars. It was that or a cat wearing large red snow shoes, but I think Dason has cornered the market of avatars of animals wearing/doing stupid things. In short, I feel I have no identity right now, which is why there may be a few changes in my avatars before I feel I can settle down with one!