:wave:Hello world!

I'm a 4th-year medical student taking a year off getting a masters in clinical research. I spent over 10 years practicing engineering before returning to school. Unfortunately - my math and engineering make me dangerous at best when it comes to stats. :(

What I do have are yearning-burning clinical questions I'd love to answer. I am not satisfied with my proficiency in statistics (yet) to answer them and I can't wait to start contributing to the forum!

I'm really interested in newer methods of handling time-varying exposures in multiple-time-to-event medical conditions. I'm hoping to connect with someone who can help me learn more about this!
Hello :welcome:

Surely, you will find the answer of many of your questions here. Also a very good way of learning something is teaching it to the others. So by asking questions and responding to questions at your knowledge level, you can both learn and connect. :)