HELP! 4x2 Mixed Design ANOVA Post Hoc Tests

Hi all,

I'm a PhD student and for my most recent study I conducted a 4 (experimental condition) x 2 (emotion type) mixed design ANOVA with repeated measures on the last variable. I followed the steps in Andy Field's textbook and companion website, conducting and interpreting my results accordingly. My supervisor is not pleased with the way I have reported a few of my results, however and I am a bit confused as to why (I followed the book, like many a stats teacher has said!).

According to the guide on his website ( to explore a significant main effect I report the significance values in the pairwise comparisons table of the output. For example, on the link I have here it says "Bonferroni corrected post hoc tests showed that ratings of Santa #1 and Santa #3 did not significantly differ (p = .45), but ratings of Santa #2 were significantly higher than both Santa #1 and Santa #3 (both ps < .001)."

In the write up of my study, I reported similar results for my significant main effect, putting only the p-values. My supervisor said that I was not reporting this correct and needed to report the values along with the p-value. I would be more than happy to do this, but the pairwise comparison table only has the mean difference, standard error, and confidence intervals with the p-value.

I would really appreciate any help or suggestions anyone could give me. Should I be looking at a different table? Is there a totally separate test I should be conducting? Help!