Help! Brand new at r! Do you see the error here?

Can anyone see the error in this? I have used a mock-up model successfully twice, with same spacing, etc., and have gotten great graphs (in the 29 hours since I learned of R's existence).

I am going crazy!

title.main <- "How Clients Learned VAC Offers HIV/STI Testing"
cats <- c("Friend/Acquaintance \n Knew of VAC", "VAC Returning Client", "VAC’s Online Presence”, “Client Internet Search \n to Find Testing Services”, “VAC Direct \n Community Education”, “Traditional Media \n TV, Radio, Newspaper”, “VAC Condom \n Information”)
cats.pct <- c(.4333, .2282, .1281, .1199, .0617, .0178, .0109)
barplot(100*cats.pct, main=title.main, names.arg=cats, col=c("yellow", "purple", "green", “blue”, “red”, “pink”, “orange”),
ylab="Percent", ylim=c(0,70))


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Something like this?

barplot(cats, col="#1394FF", las=1,ylim=c(0,70))
axis(side=1, tck=0,labels=F)
mtext("How Clients Learned VAC Offers HIV/STI Testing", side=3, line =2,las=1,cex=0.9)