HELP! Coefplot: how to display only certain variables?

Hi everyone,

I want to use coefplot just to display the coefficients of two categorical variables holding for all the others after a reg.

I have saved the output of the regression with est store and then I use coefplot...this is the script

reg umeat0 i.soclas6 i.titstu1 i.civstat1 i.ripgeo1 i.eta1 i.bmi1
est store meat1
coefplot meat1, drop(_cons)

I see that in this manner I take out the constant term from the plot...but when I add other variables inside brackets the plot still shows them all. I would like to have a graph with just i.soclas6 and i.titstu1 .

Can you help me? I guess it's easy, but I really don't know how to do that.