Help- conditional log regression

I have developed a case-control study, matched 1:7. I addressed the conditional logistic regression analysis with COXREG (SPSS).
By using univariate analysis (McNamer/Wilcoxon), I found that there is no statistical difference between case and control groups (checked for one of my dichotomous independent variable).
When I used COXREG (in order to create consitional log regression in SPSS) and analysed the same independent variable (analysed alone in regression) - I realized there was a difference between case and control groups.
To sum up - I found a different statisticall significant while using univariate and COXREG (conditional log regression) analysis (for the same variable).
What could be my mistake?


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Both approach were bivariate (i.e., one dependent and independent variables)?

COXREG performs survival analysis in this case with time parameter included in the model?


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Well two more comments, did that link say that the approach is less than ideal for imbalanced cases to controls ratios?

Also, saying there is a difference based on 'significance' does not tell me anything. Is it 0.04 vs 0.05 or 0.04 vs 0.95. NHST has limitations and you should report effect estimates, not p-values.