HELP deciding which ANOVA to use

So, I've collected some data regarding two groups, and I'm in a bit of a spat with my colleagues as to how to proceed. I'll try to simplify things and keep it short:
I've got Group A and Group B (both 25N); member by member Group B is subjected to a certain treatment and afterward, both groups are measured for a response (will be a numerical value). After 24h, both groups are left as is and measured a second time for the same numerical variable.
I think that to find if the treatment had an effect on Group B immediately after exposure, and if the effect persists after 24h, a Two-way repeated measures ANOVA is required, while my colleague thinks a simple One-way ANOVA suffices. Who's right? Are we both wrong? Options?


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i think probably the repeated measures model is better. you maybe could also run two t-tests, one at each time point. What is the 'way' in your one-way ANOVA, seems not so clear to me.