Help for my dissertation - quantitative analysis


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Good morning

I hope you can help.

If I have 1 year data of:
Number of enterprises, employment, and turnover of UK businesses
-by size
-by region
-by industry
can I use this data as dependent variable to do a regression and correlation on the manufactoring sector by region?


Could you please give me an example?

Is 1 year data enough or would you suggest to do a panel (i only have 8 years data)?


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I have tried to find independent variables divided by regions but i find it very hard to have at least 6 years.

I really hope somebody could help.


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We need to know more about what you are trying to do. These variables will change over time so using 1 year of data may or may not make sense depending on what you are arguing. We need a lot more details to comment (none of us are likely to know your area so commenting is not going to be easy even if we do get more details. It is just impossible with out it).

What is your research question?