help for task in R programming language

This is my task. I don't know how to solve it in R studio. Please help me!!!

a) 15 values from N(0,1) distribution
b) 50 values from N(1,5) distribution
c) 30 values from exp distribution with parametar 2
For all these I hade to find mean, standard deviation, deviation. And display graphs (plot,density,hist) It is very important, if you know please help me....


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To save your tasks in an R script you write the R script and then you save it.


What exactly is giving you trouble? What operating system are you using (windows? OS X? linux?)
Could someone help me, how to solve this task?

We have an arbitrary number, n, X1, X2, ..., Xn are vectors whose data are k random numbers with binomial
distribution with parameters m and p. To write a function that, for any number n will simulate
vectors X1, X2, ..., Xn (previously known for k and m and p), define the vector Y containing
their averages and it will graphically presented. To find a realization for k = 10, m = 12, p = 0.4 and
for different values of n (n = 10, n = 30, n = 50)