Help in box plot

Hello everybody,
I have a variable which contains the type of devices (smartphone,laptop,pc,tablet).
some cases have two or three values e.g (smasrtphone,pc) (smartphone,tablet,laptop).
I want to make a bar plot with bars for each device, smartphone,laptop,pc,tablet.
How can I do it?

Thanks alot!


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The way it's done in databases is: There's a set of owners and a set of things they can own. And a third table that lists the actual ownerships with a line for each unique pair (owner, thing) It's then possible to sort the ownerships table either on owners or on things, and get counts to make charts with.

Pivot Tables work well on that ownerships table, and have associated charting features. If it's also the case that a given owner can own more than one of a given thing, the numberOwned becomes a third column in the ownership table: (owner, thing, numberOwned)
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