Help interpretation correlation


I'm working on a paper, but I don't know how to interpret this correlation:

I found that the correlation between Sociometric status and Body Mass Index is 0.11. This was a significant finding. Sociometric Status is in SPSS coded with

1 to 5. 1 means that someone is totally not popular and 5 that a person is very popular. The Body Mass index is a categorical variabele with 3 categories. 1 means normal weight, 2 overweight and 3 obesisty.

Soo.. what can I conclude from this correlation?


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You found a small correlation in your sample. Maybe you can do some additional
statistics for illustration. For example, have a look at the median popularity score
in the normal, overweight and obese group, respectively.

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I would plot your data in a scatterplot with points jittered and partially transparent. This will allow you to see what the association looks like.