Help me to decide which test to use

Hi all
Please see the attached table.
I'd like to test if each proportion belongs to the same population.
Can you please indicate which statistical test is the appropriate to use? I would help me if your answer is in terms of a statistical software.



TS Contributor
So you have 14 clinics, and in each clinic you have counts for 2 states (defect/nondefect).
A global test of whether the distribution between defect/nondefect is the same for all
clinic populations could be a Chi² test for the 14 x 2 table. You could use a statistical
online calculator for this, or any statistical software.

If you have the Chi² result that globally the distribution differs between clinics, then you
should preferably use an online calculator or a software which calculates the standardized
cell residuals
within the Chi² procedure. These residuals indicate the cells of your table
in which frequencies markedly differ from what would be expected if the distribution
was uniform (a marked diffrence is often assumed if the standardized residual is > 1.96
or < 1.96).

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