Help needed! Comparison of two datasets

Hi guys,

I have two datasets, which basically have data concerning the same event, but recorded by different sources. What I need to do is compare the two data sources. The percentage difference between the two sets fluctuates between 0 and 20%. I'm not sure if percentage difference is the best way to go. I'm not that well versed in other statistics functions either. Is there a better way to compare data? My end objective would be to see if both sources are reporting same values, if not, how much they vary from each other.

I'm not sure if I've done a good job explaining. English is not my first language. Please help.


TS Contributor
Are the data paired? That is, every subject has data from both sources, or are the samples independent of each other?
If you're asking if both sets have data for every instance, then yes. It's data collected daily, and both sets have data for every day. Think of it as two different scientists measuring results of an experiment separately.


TS Contributor
I recommend using either the Bland-Altman plot or the Youden plot. Both are specifically designed to compare the results of different measurement labs/devices measuring the same sample.