Help needed for biology coursework

Just wondering if anyone can help?

I need to know what Stats test to use....

I was investigating the effect on maggots after being exposed to various periods of light.
There were five condition (0mins, 2mins, 4mins etc..) and each maggot was in one condition only. After being exposed to the light periods they were then timed for their response.Here is some of my results...

Condition Maggot Response time
1 0.12
2 0.18
A (0mins) 3 0.24
4 0.16
5 0.14
1 0.27
2 0.28
B (2mins) 3 0.31
4 0.33
5 0.29

There was total of 5 condition groups and a sample of 10 maggots were tested in each condition group.

I would appreciate any help or suggestions as my teacher was quite frankly useless.