Help needed interpreting SNK post hoc test

Hello all,

I am trying to interpret some data, where an ANOVA has found significant differences, and then a post hoc Student-Newman-Keuls was run. The output is attached. My question is as follows. Do I have it correct that the two columns as they are mean that the SNK test found significant differences between GNV and RR, but was not able to find differences between RR and CR, and also between CR and GNV? Also, I'm confused what the Sig. row means, the last row in the graph. I note that the sig. level in the second column is just barely above .05, does this mean that the test just barely missed finding a significant difference between them? Because I am surprised that a difference was not identified between CR and GNV.

Any help is most appreciated.



TS Contributor
Seemingly, RR and GNV are statistically different groups. No statistically signficant difference
between CR and GNV could be demontrated, which is not extremely surprising, given the small
sample sizes.

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