Help needed with ANOVA analysis

df SS MS F Significance F
Regression 6 5510.4 918.4 11.67 0.0081
Residual 5 393.2 78.65
Total 11 5903.72

this is my table of results from excel but I haven't an idea what this means. what's significant or not????

I have been told to do regression analysis on my data set but I have never used regression before so I dont really know what i'm doing but I'm giving it a go like.

Can someone give me a heads up on what I need to do with the results above..

much appreciated..
An ANOVA table tells you whether your model helps you explain the variation in your response (Y) variable. In other words it compares your fitted model to the simple model given by mean(Y) and tells you whether the former is doing a better job in explaining the variability in Y.

The number to look at is "0.0081" under "Significance F": if this is lower than 0.05 you can say that the contribution of the model is statistically significant (at the 5% level of error).

From your table it seems you have fitted a multiple regression model with 6 predictors to a dataset with 12 observations.
If that is the case it is normal your F test is significant: you are overfitting your data. I would suggest you reduce the number of Xs variables in the model or find a way to increase the size of your sample.

I hope this makes any sense to you.