Help needed with model (AMOS)

Dear all,

I am new to both Structural Equation Modeling and AMOS..
Recently I'm working with a model, as shown in the diagram below.

My question is, if I want to know specifically how the facets of "Personality", (i.e., CAPPA, ..., CAPPS) affect "Work Behavior", should I..

(1) take out "Personality" and link the facets directly to "Work Behavior"
(2) make the facets into latent variables with their indicators, then link to "Work Behavior"
(3) just link the facets directly to "Work Behavior", in addition to what I already have.
(4) or is there any other appropriate way to do this?

I'm sorry if this question is stupid or inappropriate, and I wished for your guidance.

Thank you in advance.