Help on data correctness for ANOVA

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My aim is to study the nature of length of stay of vechicles in a parking lot. A day is split to 3 sessions namely Morning - 10am to 2pm, Afternoon - 2 pm to 6 pm, Evening 6pm to 10pm. Given the In time and Out time of a sample size of 9000 vechicles, I need to statistically prove whether there is a significant difference between the average length of stay between the 3 sessions of a day.

I tabulated the time (in minutes) each vechicle spends in the parking lot for each session of the day and my data looked like this below.


Now to perform one-way ANOVA, I have a confusion whether I have to consider the records without zeros (image marked 1) or with zeros (image marked 2). Kindly requesting





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How about classifying each vehicle as Morning, Afternoon or Evening and use the total time for each car. So the first car is Morning 214. Then a one way anova on the three groups. (No zeros.)
@katxt I initially did that. But it wasnt looking correct.
Say intime is at 1.30 pm and out time 8 pm.. if we use intime alone to categorize like you said, then the entire stay will be categorized as Morning - ‘10am-2pm’ bin.. right? But that is not the actual case here...
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