help please - spss question


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Hello I am a sports science student working on my dissertation and desperately need some help with a question. I am looking at differences in VO2 max, body mass and fat free mass, between semi-professional and amateur rugby players. I have been told by my tutor that i need to normalize expressions of aerobic capacity for fat free mass rather than body mass, but i am not entirely sure what this means.

So far i have researched this and found that it has something to do with scaling/ratios and i think i have to perform some type of regression, however i am not sure which statistical test to perform and would be grateful if someone could tell me.



Dont worry , I will try to help you
just , plesae explain more about differences in VO2 max, body mass and fat
what is VO2 max?
and tell me , what is your aim of this Analysis?