Help please with system missing values


This is related to my previous post..I'm using IBM SPSS statistics 20 and I have been struggling to perform Games-Howell tests on some of my data. I have just realised that I am getting problems with the frequency for that data set too so the two must be related which is when I discovered system missing values...and I am stuck again.

My data has a sample size of 192, SPSS thinks that I have a sample size of 193 and that there are missing values in 5 of my 7 variables. I have checked that there are no random numbers in my data view that could have extended the input and can't see what it would be that would make SPSS think that I have 193 samples, does anyone have any idea what it may be?

I would very much appreciate a speedy response as my dissertation is due in on Thursday and I have a horrible feeling that this is going to change my overall results.

Thanks in advance :)
The two weren't related :( I solved my frequency problem and that didn't solve the missing values in my Games-Howell test so any help would still be appreciated. Thanks