Help Please

I have to produce stats for my manager on number of help desk calls fixed each month but the monthly average is inaccurate when compared to a whole year due to calls carried forward

e.g. if you c/f 50 calls, receive a new 50 call and fix 50 call in a month you have a 50% fix rate, but if you continue this for the whole year each month will show 50% but you will have fixed 600 calls out of 650.

So the 50% each month is really too low but I dont know how to show it – help!


what about trying for a new approach? maybe the boss will go for something like:

# of NEW calls fixed

# of carry over calls fixed

or, what i would look at would be both of those and also:

number of days to fix a call for all new calls this month

the first two would likely relate to the effectiveness of the call center operators, but the third could give some interesting insight into overall product quality when call center services are considered as a part of product quality.

for example you may carry over a call that came in on the 30th and fix it the next day on the 1st but it would count the same as a call that came in on the 1st and carried over until the 30th of the following month (or even the next month). these two calls would show the same in your data but they represent vastly different outcomes from the customer's perspective.

I would think the length of time to resolve an issue would be of bigger concern than how many per month get resolved. i would also be tracking the # of new calls per month and if possible with what you have access to i would look at average time lapsed between purchase and call.

I think you could get more information out of your data if you take a different approach.


PS: sorry i did not answer your actual question