help-radar chart interpretation


I am conducting a study using a survey on
To analyze the responses (scale from 1 to 5) I got a radar chart (my first time using it) and I don't know how to read this chart

For a question, I have 10 responses supposed as follow:
1. 10% (1 answer)
2. 10% (1 answer)
3. 30% (3 answers)
4. 10% (1 answer)
5. 40% (4 answers)

But, I didn't know how to read/interpret this radar chart :

My question is: what does those results mean (1.20% 2.40% 3.60% 4.80% 5.100%)? how to read those percentages?
how to do then to just have chart with distribution over 100% (i.e.1.10% 2.10% 3.30% 4.10% 5.40%)

Thank you for your help
Are you sure you didnt plot your data against its self? So say you meant to plot height vs weight and end up plotting height vs height.
I didnt plot anything
I just create a survey on
And this is the analystics provided by the website ( That i am trying To understand) 2.png
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