Help setting up a dataset for multi-level modeling

Hi everyone,

I'm new to multi-level modeling (MLM) and have a question about how to set up my data.

My study design involved two between subjects factors (Condition: A or B; Participant Sex: F or M). All participants viewed the same seven stimuli (each stimulus = 5 min), had various physiological and subjective responses measured continuously (the data have been binned into 30 sec bins) during stimulus presentation, and completed the same questionnaires.

I'm interested in looking at the relationship between different physiological responses, as well as the relationship between physiological responses and subjective responses, and any differences in these relationships based on Participant Sex, Condition, and questionnaire responses.

I understand that each participant will have a row dedicated to each stimulus. The question is whether to put the various bins of physiological and subjective data (10 per stimulus) vertically or horizontally. I've attached sample datasets for two participants (Participant 5 and 6), each from a different condition (1 or 2) and a different sex (1 or 2) viewing two stimuli (1 and 2).

Please let me know which (if any) of the attached examples are correct - I'm thinking (and hoping!) Example 1 is closest to being correct because it seems to resemble the long form required for MLM the most. If none of them are correct, please provide suggestions for fixing the file.

Thanks for your time!