HELP: Too Basic Of A Stats Question


I am a physician with a decent amount of experience with clinical research, but am stumped on what statistical test to run on this basic survey data.

For instance, I posed a question to the survey group about how many statistical courses they've attended in the past. Their options were multiple choice 1-5 courses and answered as follows:
One = 25.3%
Two = 24.6%
Three = 19.4%
Four = 12.7%
Five = 16.4%

I'd like to statistically evaluate this to show there is no difference (or there is a difference) amongst the responses. I have a 15 question survey in which all questions are like this. I've run through all of my basic tests and was thinking that maybe a Kruskal-Wallis would be indicated, but given that I don't really have a comparison, I'm stuck. Any thoughts? Please help!


Omega Contributor
Do you want to say the distribution is not uniform were the probability of selecting any group would be 20%?

What is your sample size?

It becomes progressingly more difficult to take more classes so that hypothesis seems off. What did you plan to do with the question when designing the survey.

PS, I think you can edit the title yourself.