Help with a statistics project. Chi-Square?

Hi all.

I am trying to help a classmate with their research and I am experiencing some difficulty. I think the most appropriate test to use would be the Chi-Square test for Independence. The data I was sent is below. I do not know what to place on the rows or columns since the table appears to contain multiple column labels. Would the values included be the observed? If so, what would the expected values be?

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Could you explain why the first question appears twice (two freqency tables)?

And there is no research question asked. Without a research question, it is not possible to tell the appropriate statistical test.

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Hi Karabiner.

The table I was sent does indeed contain an error in that the first column is a duplication. I have contacted my classmate in an effort to fix that issue. The research question being asked is:

"Is a correlation between how fast someone breaks down the caffeine molecule and does that relate to a coffee preference."


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"Is a correlation between how fast someone breaks down the caffeine molecule
I am afrad, that I do not know what "how fast someone breaks down the caffeine molecule"
means here. You showed no information on this.

Plus: correlation with what, with which other variable?

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if you want to check if there is a correlation between 'how fast does someone break down the caffeine molecule' (variable 1) and 'coffee preference' (variable 2), then yes, chi square is applicable, because the scales are different in both the questions.
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