Help (with ANOVA, maybe).


I am currently writing up some research and our stats-man is on leave until after the submission deadline.

I have done some stats work before, but just can't get my head around this one :shakehead .

Can anyone help......... (Please, oh please say you will :yup: ).

I have two groups (an experimental and control group) which were tested before and after an intervention.

Which test should I use to see if there is any significant differences between the two groups before and after the intervention.

However, we have very low and unequal sample sizes (experimental group n = 4, control n = 3) so what would the non parametric alterative be if some assumptions are violated.

many thanks



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with such low sample sizes i think you are going to have some real problems saying much statistically.
If your outcome variable is continuous I think I would go with a paired T-test.. -'s_t-test