Help with ANOVA: Please Check my Excel file.

:wave: Hi every one. I am in dire need of help in statistics of my dissertation. I am a pg student in physiotherapy. My thesis is a comparitive study of 3 types of exercises on low back pain. I am measuring dysfunction level (using rolland morris score) and pain level (using pain scale) at 0week, 3rd week and 6th week for all three groups. I have got the data, and i did ANOVA, but i am not sure wether i did it correctly or not. I am providing the excel data sheet. Pls help me by having a look at it and guiding me wether i did it correctly or needs correction.

thanks in advance.
Sheet 1 contains Master chart. Sheet 2-4 contains graphical representation & Sheet 5 contains ANOVA OF 3 groups. i have a doubt wether i did anova in a proper way or not.