Help with choosing a method

Hi, I am currently conducting a short research paper for my university course and am struggling to determine which statistical analysis would be appropriate for the data I have collected.

I surveyed two groups of 50 people:

50 x people aged 40 and over
50 x people aged under 40

My hypothesis is that there is a significant difference between the opinions of people aged 40 and over and that of people aged under 40 as to whether they would consider allowing a robot perform a filling on their teeth instead.

Tables of results are below:
40 and over
Yes: 9
No: 41

Under 40
Yes: 35
No: 15

I have looked into how to compare two groups but cannot seem to find one to best suit my data to be able to analyse and interpret results.

I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction please?

Many thanks