Help with Combining Variables

Hello helpful folks! I am having difficulty combining two variables. I have a data set that has the data broken up by country language. The different nation's languages are inside a lager variable simply called "country-language" The survey has over 200 questions. What I need to do is combine the data from two or more nations who have a low number of completed surveys. I have tried using "if" statements in the transform variable window and I keep receiving error messages. What I aim to end up with is a new variable with all of the two countries' data combined. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!
(country_language = Sweden_Finnish + Sweden_English + Sweden_Swedish) This is the syntax I put in and I keep getting this error message: Incorrect variable name: Either the variable name is more than 64 characters, or it is not defined by a previous command
Ok, so this is your problem. To choose multiple options you should seperate the conditions and use the "|" sign in your syntax. For example, (country_language = Sweden_Finnish) | (country_language = Sweden_English).