Help with confidence interval and interpreting data!?

Someone please please help me make sense of these stats! I really need help with interpreting outcome of studies! How do i calculate CIs (no need to know actual calculation as can use calculator) and make sense of outcome... Any help would make me forever grateful!

Pre- and post-intervention values (standard error).
Intervention n=235
Mean (SD) Pre-test 6.66 (0.15)
Mean (SD) Post-test 5.74 (0.17)
P value* <0.0001

Waiting room control n=96
Mean (SD) Pre 6.31 (0.26)
Mean (SD) Post 6.39 (0.27)
P value* <0.516

*Significance of pre- to post-intervention change.

STUDY 2 n=59
Pre- and post-intervention values (standard error).
Mean (SD) Pre-test 3.15 (2.8)
Mean (SD) Post-test 2.47 (2.6)

Difference -0.69
t -3.30
p 0.001

Significance set at <0.05.

Experiment wide alpha was set at p< 0.05 such that each test had to reach a level of p <0.004 (0.05/13) to be considered statistically significant.; one-tailed. One-tailed tests were used for hypothesis testing.

I am looking at the overall success of the intervention and have to use just these two papers to discuss the intervention itself. I need to discuss the p values which I understand, but also the CIs! I need to make sense of both CIs and what this means to the actual intervention… Hope this makes sense!


TS Contributor
But CI's are nowhere mentioned in what you cited.
BTW, p < 0.01 and a 99% CI not containing then
value 0 have the same meaning. So interpreting
the CIs won't add much information to the interpretation
of p values.

With kind regards